I am best at leveraging technology to increase revenue, provide an organization the ability to do more with less and make practical and effective use of investment in IT


  1. Best at building IT as a TRUE PARTNER of the BUSINESS

  2. Speaks to business in a language they understand

  3. Exceptional leader, influencer and change-agent

Here is what I can do for you:   

  1.   Achieved 50% of increase in corporate profit by reducing IT cost by 30%

  2.   Consolidated active projects to 40% of initial number resulting in savings

     of some $50 million

  1.   Re-negotiated six vendor contracts to save a total of some $3 million

  2.   Established and successfully managed a global IT portfolio of $300+ million

  3.   Hired to turn around a failing SAP implementation

  4.   Enabled a $5 billion start-up bank in Saudi Arabia with the best practice IT

     Strategy, Governance and IT Investment Portfolio Management

  1.   Saved $47 million annually on $2.2 billion in MRO purchases